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    I completely agree with the boy names for girl being one of my least favorite. Some unisex names (Casey, Jamie, Bailey) are fine, but some names just belong for boys (Ryan, Charlie, Kyle, etc).

    I also am not a super big fan of names that end in "i". Carli vs Carly or Carlie. Maddi vs, Maddie or Maddy. If there is an "i" at the end, an "e" belongs after it.

    And this one a lot of my friends disagree on. I really don't like names that have "x"s in them. Felix, Roxy, Beatrix, Xoe, Alexis, etc. It always sounds too harsh for me.

    And then there is Zoey and Monique, two names I will never like .

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    Tatum is a surname originally...I've got some Tatum ancestors, but I wouldn't use it because I once knew a Tatum who was rather Sloan'y :-).

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    I have a very strong distaste for the name Guy! Grayson, Maddison (well, any "son' name on a girl!), and Peyton (boy or girl).

    I could never use those names or trendy/popular names for my children. At the same time, I think it is all personal preference. A lot of people don't like our daughters name, Sepphiria.

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    Finally! A forum where I can rant!

    Just a few off the top of my head:

    Maria- I don't know why, but I've always found myself at odds with this name. same goes for Marie-- though, admittedly, I dislike Marie more for its "fillerness" than its sound.

    Augustus- TFIOS was a great read, but the Augustus Gloop association is still fresh in my mind. however, I adore August.

    Blythe- much to my bewilderment, Blythe has been appearing on quite a few forums recently. To me, this name is anything but useable. It's bland, dated, and conjures up images of spoiled milk (don't ask). Blythe is definitely one of those names like Blanche, Agnes, and Marjorie that should stay in the past.

    Imogen- might be my least favorite name of all. I absolutely loathe it, but couldn't tell you why.

    Joaquin- I actually like the look of this name, it's just the sound I hate.

    Pandora- look and sound aside, I cannot fathom why parents would willingly give this name to their daughter with such a negative, mythological connotation.

    Earl/Pearl- anything that rhymes with "hurl" is a no for me.

    Camille- I actually know a Camille and she's absolutely lovely, but this name has always rubbed me the wrong way. It just sounds mean, cold, and reptilian to my ear.

    Evangeline- UGH. I just can't.

    Hilary/Hillary- I love Mrs. Clinton, but despise her name.

    Grier/Greer- I wish I could like this name, truly, but I just can't. It's the sound, man. To me, it's hardly melodious.

    Brooke- last one, I swear, and, again, it comes down to sound-- and personal connection too, I suppose, as I've only ever met disagreeable Brookes. Ironically, I was almost named this myself. LOL.

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