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    Although I have recommended it to people in the forums I really do not like the name Penelope (not sure why though). It might be the vibes I get from it. I'm also not a fan of Annabel/le, Adelaide and Eloise.

    Its probably because of all the hype these names receive here on the forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    I agree with the poster above me! Sloane is the ugliest-sounding name I've ever heard (and all i think of is how Bridget Jones describes certain women as "sloane-y" and even though i have no idea what she actually means by that, its obviously negative). Greer is just...blah. I don't hate it, but it sounds like a pointless waste of letters to me

    It's not that I can't stand these names, but I just don't find the sound or look of them attractive at all. Sloane reminds me of stone - and stones are grey, bland and boring, which rubs off on the name - and Greer just sounds agressive to me, like the Grrrrrr sound an angry person makes. I just can't shake either association, and neither one is good, which is probably why the names just don't appeal to me at all.

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    But August the month was named after Augustus the man
    Exactly, which is why I prefer Augustus to August. Augustus is a man, August is a month.
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    Tatum. It makes me think of potatoes and doesn't seem at all feminine to me.

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    Annabelle/Anabel - or really any -elle/belle names they just sound stupid and a lot of the time made up and overly princessy, but Annabelle is my most hated of them all, though I really like Anna.
    Genevieve - I just don't like it, I'm never 100% sure on how I'm supposed to pronounce it and I don't see it's appeal in general.
    Mae - I just really don't like this spelling, I adore May though.
    Rowan on boys - I'm biased, it's my name.
    Audrey - It is completely an old woman name for me, all I think of is Audrey Roberts from Coronation Street and nothing else.
    Boys names on girls eg. Charlie/Jordan - there is tons of great girls names, why could you have not picked one of them?
    Pretty much all the Br- names eg. Brailey - Sounds so ridiculously made up.
    The names that rhyme with Aidan - I like Aidan though.
    Most place names - London, Brooklyn, Camden, ect.

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    I think Bridget Jones is referring to Sloane St in London isn't she when she uses sloane-y? I'm guessing it's a reference to posh, up-themselves people, but maybe that's just my own prejudices showing through. I agree, it's not a name that appeals to me.

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