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    Names You Can't Stand

    **This thread is NOT to offend anyone, or their naming style. Just a thread started to discuss what names you can not stand/tolerate. For me, there are not really any major ones. Like for example, for the longest time I hated the name Alice, now it is one of my favorites.
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    Well, for me at least, hate is a really strong word, and I would never use it against any name...yes, even those extremely trendy, kre8tive spelling ones you see all the time.

    Aside from the typical cringe-worthy names (Neveah, Messiah, etc) I absolutely dislike the names Megan, Matilda, Margot, and Agatha. That's just off of the top of my head, there's definitely more. Megan has always been an unattractive name to me, even when I was really young. The nickname Tilly makes me cringe, and the -tilda part of Matilda doesn't really help the cause. I really don't have a problem with Margo, I really dont. It's just when there's that silent 't' at the end, I immediately think of maggots, ick. As for Agatha, I just find it super clunky and the -gath- just sounds so unattractive in my ears.
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    Louise, Monica, and Amanda all have horrible sounds in them (weeze, ick, man) which sucks because i would love to honor an Amanda by middle name but cannot bare it. Hannah, Heather... i dont have an excuse. Just never liked them. Names like Madison, Allison have the -son ending, meaning son of, which is too weird to me. I love Emerie but could never give my daughter the name Emerson. and the made up ones people seem to give children these days... Brinley, Rykley, Kaydasin... shudders
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    I absolutely despise modern made-up names. I saw a girl not so long ago wearing her cheer squad shirt with her name printed on the back. Her name was TRYNCELEIGH.
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    The last two are bearable, and I am somewhat biased about the name Gina (Knew someone).
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