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    There's quite a lot of names I don't like. For some reason I really don't like names starting with b or p except for primrose and paisley. Neither do I like Nina, Tina , Gina or made up names. Also I don't like kr8tive spellings. I also have hard times with names starting with j especially names beginning with jas. Hyphenated names are also names I wouldn't use though some can be very cute. Also using -son names for girls are just a bit weird for me. And I really can't stand Lola, Lila and lulu or clementine or olive. And yes there is still plenty of names that I like ;-)

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    oh gosh there are a few...
    any Mary, Maria, Marie
    Amanda, Mandy, Megan, Leanne, Calla, Shelby, Agatha, Tracey, Izzy, Myron...

    Im sure there are more...its not often that you think of the names that you HATE

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    Uhg there are too many!
    Anything super popular, tired of seeing new babies named Isabella or Liam. Tired of Maddison, Addison, Madeline. Also so over names with weird spellings. Especially people using random y's. Addyson orCaydyn. ENOUGH

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    I really, really dislike Grayson. I know a lot of people love it, but I can't deal with it. And any of the names that rhyme with Aiden (though Aiden is fine).
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    I have a strong dislike for the name August, even though many people on here love it. I adore Gus, but August is a month, not a name to me.

    The Bree sound in names (Gabriella, Brianna, etc) is like nails on a chalkboard to me, as is -ana names (aah-nuh). I love Anna (ann-uh), it's one of my top names, but lose an n to change the pronunciation and it grates on me so much.

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