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    Narrowing it down...

    We have a few names...all middle names are family names.

    Eli Miller
    Booker Allen
    Kellan Edward

    I'm leaning toward Booker...but I can hear the playground teasing already..."Booger". Big brother is Hudson Ellis. I'm not too keen on the double "n" endings for Hudson and Kellan...but do like Kellan.

    I would love input and/or suggestions...

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    I love Eli Miller or Miller Edward. Miller seems like a great brother for Hudson. I like Booker but would worry about the nickname thing too and its not usually something I think of. Kellan is a great name as well and I wouldn't worry about the 2 n sounds at the end.

    So in order:
    Eli Miller
    Kellan Edward
    and the outsider but really cool IMO, Miller Edward

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    I like all 3 of your choices.

    Hudson and Eli. Both 2 syllables, but visually very different. Eli has got Biblical gravity, but a spunky, bright modern feel. I'm not sure I love the l's in both Eli and Miller, but I think it's a minor consideration. A winner.

    Hudson and Booker. 2 surnames, but no repetitive sounds. Booker's got a bit of jazzy flair that I love. I think the 'booger' thing is unlikely to be an issue. I do, however, wish I knew your surname. With the wrong surname, you might end up with a "Book, (h)er, Dano" sound. If you can't get past the teasing potential of Booker, how about Beckett or Everett? Or another occupation name, like Weaver, Cooper, Fletcher, Deacon or Abbott?

    Hudson and Kellan. Although I too like Kellan, I would eliminate this choice. I don't like the echoing n-endings of Hudson and Kellan.

    Good luck!
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    I like Booker the best, then Eli, then Kellan.

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    Hmmm... I never thought of 'booger' with Booker... Even with that, I tend to lean towards Booker. It's got a much longer history, and a great namesake (Booker T. Washington). I have to be honest, Eli is one of the few names I highly dislike (and I have a nephew by this name). For whatever reason, it just sounds incredibly redneck to me... like he shucks corn all day. The bigger issue with Eli is simply that it's extremely popular (along with Elijah and Elias, which are often shortened to Eli). Eli's never been the only one at school, church, play groups, etc. Kellan is a bit trendy... Although the matching endings aren't ideal, it's not that big of an issue.
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