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Thread: MN for Freddie

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    Thank you everyone. I will reply to all your names soon.

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    frances322 - I have got some names I suggested Freddie Dafydd John and Freddie Spencer. We also like Stephen and Edward.

    Out of the names you suggested only ones we liked was Blane and Mitchell. The others were too surnamey.

    Thank you thatkathryngirl.

    Flamingo - I like your suggestions Reid I like but makes me think of reading a book. Max - is my cousins little boys name. Niall - my boyfriend ain't keen on as its too close to Neil. James I said in original post names that are a no no this being one of them.

    ashthrdreamer - thank you. - Freddie Dafydd and Freddie Leon we like.

    We like Freddie Patrick but I prefer Freddie Patrick John.

    Freddie Christopher is nice but that name gives me goosebumps after being in school with 10 Christopher's.

    Any more suggestions anyone.

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    Thanks Kelly-
    Went back and read your original post. So sorry I missed that!! That would have been helpful before replying. Anyway, good to know you don't like surnames. I agree with previous posters, Freddie Spencer (and Freddie Stephen) doesn't flow well, but I really like Freddie Dafydd John- I think that is a beautiful name! Also, I'm not a fan of Freddie Edward together- I can hear the "ed" sound in Freddie too much to then be followed by Edward. I will contemplate and see if I have any more combinations to share. Good luck!
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    Yeah more names would be good as I have a fussy boyfriend.

    Thank you Freddie Dafydd John is my fave combo as David Fred and David John are my grandads names (Dafydd welsh version of David).

    I don't think that Freddie Stephen and Freddie Edward went which was why I didn't say them first of all.

    What kind of names do you think would go with Stephen and Edward as MNs - other names we like are Rhys, Lucas, Caleb, Corey and Kieran - just so you know our kinda style in names.

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