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Thread: MN for Freddie

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    MN for Freddie

    I love the name Freddie for a boys FN - I don't like names like Frederick or Alfred. My granddad's MN was Fred. so were pretty set on Freddie as the FN. I am welsh and my boyfriend is Irish. I don't like older names or too unique names - No F or K Names as I don't like repeating letters. - Surname begins with K and ends in ER.

    I wanted peoples opinions on Middle Names for Freddie. Names we like are:-

    Freddie Dafydd Leon.
    Freddie Spencer.

    Names that are a No No:- Harvey, Harrison, Lewis, Ethan, James, Kyle, Riley.

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    LOVE the name Freddie. Adorable! It was on my list at one point too. Here are a few I thought of. If you could say some MNs that you like, or are considering, I think that would help give people a better idea of what you are leaning towards.

    Freddie Ansel
    Freddie Bartlett
    Freddie Blane
    Freddie Mitchell
    Freddie Mason
    Freddie Scott
    Freddie Sinclair
    Freddie Tiernan

    Good Luck!
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    I think Freddie Dafydd sound nice. Freddie Spencer doesn't flow very well IMO.

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    I'm inclined to a one syllable nm like...

    Freddie James
    Freddie Reid
    Freddie Max
    Freddie Nial

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    Och, can I just say that Amy-Louise and Freddie are adorable together? I'm usually for fuller names (it took me a while to get into Frederick nn Freddie, though. I totally dig where you're coming from), but Amy-Louise and Freddie are just... perfection. I like Freddie Dafydd and Freddie Spencer... Freddie Leon would be nice, too, but for some reason I don't love Freddie Dafydd Leon all together. Freddie Rhys? I really like that, actually. Or something more classic, like Freddie Christopher or Freddie Patrick.
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