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    Maggie and Jack- VERY popular, though a nice name
    Maggie and Henry- A little less popular then Jack, ok
    Maggie and Jack Henry-Ok
    Maggie and James- Never really been a huge fan
    Maggie and Edward- Love it, though I do slightly prefer Edmund.
    Maggie and George- Not a fan
    Maggie and Will (William) -Love. Classic and strong
    Maggie and John ____ I like John (though I wouldn't John Henry) John Edward maybe?

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    I like Jack, Henry, George, and Will--George is probably my favorite with Maggie, with Will in second place.

    However, I also love the above poster's suggestion of Frankie. So cute! If you don't like Francis, you could also use Franklin.

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    I like Maggie and George and also Maggie and William a lot (though I'm probably a little biased on the latter combo as two of my siblings are Maggie and Liam!)
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    love Maggie and Jack together!

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    I know an adorable 4 year old Maggie and her little brother Patrick! I think those sound great together! Jack is cute too.
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