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    Brother for Maggie!!!?????

    Maggie's (Margaret Anne) brother needs a name!

    Maggie and Jack (my Dad's nn...has it gotten too popular?)
    Maggie and Henry (again...too popular?)
    Maggie and Jack Henry (ha- we live in the South!)
    Maggie and James (same popular problem???)
    Maggie and Edward (Family name...but I don't like Ed or Eddie and think its inevitable!)
    Maggie and George (it would take a lot of work to get this approved by DH!)
    Maggie and Will (William)
    Maggie and John _____ (DH's name is John, double name with that? He's worried John Henry will be related to the railroad worker fable??!)

    I Love the classics and nn's! What greatness am I not thinking of! Nothing feels as satisfying as my daughter's name to I need to get over it!


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    I like Maggie and William--you could use Will, Liam, etc. as nn's.
    Also, what about Francis?? Margaret & Francis, or Maggie & Frankie... LOVE.

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    My favourite from your list (and with Maggie) is George! Although, I can see your dilemma, as all your names are lovely classics.

    Another suggestion for you: Frederick

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    Maggie and Jack - I think Jack is too nicknamey next to Margaret. Margaret and John, Maggie and Jack would be better.
    Maggie and Henry - Opposite issue, Henry strikes me as too formal next to down-to-Earth, approachable Maggie.
    Maggie and Jack Henry - I'm not keen on double names for the simple fact everyone I've known with one has ended up dropping one half of it eventually.
    Maggie and James - I actually rather like this with Maggie, it's not overly formal and has cute nicknames Jamie and Jimmy if needed too.
    Maggie and Edward - I like this but I think Ed or Eddie will be inevitable unless you set another nickname - Ted or Ned are legit, or I've heard Ward touted as a nickname for Edward on here too.
    Maggie and George - Adore George, I think this works well too.
    Maggie and Will (William) - Margaret and William nn Maggie and Will are so cute. My favourite of your options.
    Maggie and John _____ - I knew a John Henry in school, went by John after the age of about 13 or 14 though. I have no idea what the railroad fable is, though I'm not American which might be why. See Jack Henry for my opinion on double names.

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    Love Maggie & George!

    Also like Henry and happen to love the nn Hank.

    And yes, John Henry would automatically make me think of the railroad worker.
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