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Thread: Molly or Millie

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    Molly or Millie

    I love the names Molly and Millie. I love the name Molly Angharad as a name but my boyfriend don't like Angharad. Millie i'v never found a middle name I like to go with this.

    We both like Millie best but Molly is still in the running I'm just not keen on it's popularity.

    I have 3 questions:-
    1 - Which name do you like best Molly or Millie.
    2 - Which name sounds better with Amy-Louise, Molly or Millie.
    3 - What is a good middle name for Molly and Millie. - No M or K Names as I don't like repeating letters. Surname begins with K and ends in ER. - I'd prefer something not so common as I have Amy-Louise already. Nothing too unique or out there. - No Unisex names or too old fashioned names.

    Names that are a No No - Paige, Jaqueline, Vivian, Beatrice, Sophie, Sarah, Olivia, Ezme, Diana, Grace, Charlotte, Christine, Lola, Phoebe, Dotty, Hettie.
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    Molly and Millie are both great, but I prefer Millie! There's something very charming and lovable about it! I think that Mille goes better with Amy-Louise than Molly too.

    Combo suggestions

    Millie Elise
    Millie Christine
    Millie Caroline
    Mille Jane
    Millie Grace
    Millie Charlotte
    Millie Eloise
    Millie Anneliese

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    Millie Elise - See Eloise.
    Millie Caroline - I do like Caroline but I will think about this as i'm unsure on this name.
    Mille Jane - I do like this but Jane is slightly plain to me.
    Millie Eloise - Alothough I do like Eloise I think it's too close to Louise.
    Millie Anneliese - I like this but i'd spell Annaliese.

    Grace, Charlotte & Christine I missed these off the No No list. I will add them now.

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    Southern United States.
    If I had a baby right now, I'd name it,
    Scarlett Amelia or Emerson Joseph.
    I also like Cashel, Gabriel, Genevieve, & Juliette. + So much more.
    I'm Ashley btw, and I'm 20!

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    Millie/Molly Diana - I don't like Diana.
    Millie/Molly Alexa - I'm not sure on this I like Alexa as FN.
    Millie/Molly Lauren - I do like Lauren but it's put me off being at school with like 5.
    Millie/Molly Faith - I kinda like this one.
    Millie/Molly Eva - It feels like it needs something on the end. Rose, May, Jade, Jane. - I do like it though.
    Millie/Molly Fiona - I never thought of this one I kinda like this one.
    Millie/Molly Angeline or Angelica - I do like Angeline but I prefer Angelica.
    Millie/Molly Julianna - I don't like Julianna but I like Julie Anna or Julie-Anna.
    Millie/Molly Catherine - I do like this but it feels a little long with Millie/Molly.
    Millie/Molly Lila - I like this but it has too many L's for me.
    Millie/Molly Caitlin - I do like this one but it feels like it needs something with Caitlin like Rose or Jane or something along those lines.

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