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    Elowen and Rowen as siblings is a big no, in my opinion. Those are VERY similar. I vote Cameron!

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    I love Elowen and Paisley

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    I like Laurel and Avalon the best. Elowen is beautiful, but it's a bit too close to Rowen for me. Laurel Avalon or Avalon Laurel are my favorite combos.
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    I agree that Elowen and Rowen seem too close. What is your other daughter's name? I'd vote for Laurel too--though it sounds like that's not one you like as a first name. Cameron has the right sound, but is a boy's name to me. Maybe Camryn? Otherwise, though it would not normally be my style, it's Pepper that leaps out at me. Pepper Elowen perhaps?

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