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    Name Day Tomorrow...

    My husband and I are finding out the gender of our third baby tomorrow. We select a name on the day of the ultrasound; we call it "Name Day".

    Boy names are solid. Girl names are troublesome.

    Here are a few front-runners that are NOT solid or super loved:

    Elowen Laurel
    Ashlon Laurel
    Cameron Laurel

    Here are a few others that have been discussed or are loved by one party and rejected by the other:

    Paisley, Pepper, Addison, Ellison, Auberon, Haydon, Avalon, Brennon, Hadley.

    What do you think?

    (Elowen is probably our combined favorite, but we have a daughter named Rowen.)

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    I think that you can have Elowen and Rowen. I prefer Elowen Laurel by far, it's very pretty and not very common.

    I really like your "Name Day", I think it's a really cool tradition!

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    I also like Elowen the most by far of your choices. My second choice would be Laurel, if that's an option. Laurel Avalon sounds nice.

    I also like the idea of Name Day! Good luck and can't wait to hear what you select!
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    I like Elowen best, even with a sister named Rowen.
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    Well, it is a girl! (Of course, since girl names are so hard for us!) We narrowed it down to 9 names on "Name Day" but my poor husband is sick and wanted to decide on a clear her "Name Day" is post poned.

    Here is what we have:

    Paisley Danielle or Paisley Allene
    Addison Danielle
    Elowen Laurel
    Ashlon Laurel or Ashlon Danielle
    Haydon Danielle or Haydon Allene
    Hadley Danielle or Hadley Allene
    Evolen Laurel

    I think Haydon will be the first to go. We LOVE Evolen, but I am slightly concerned about the spelling. (Evelyn is not an option.) Paisley I love now, but am afraid it is just a I have my heart set on including an "o". Addison is a favorite but soooo common right now. Bronwen is awful with our last name, but we love it so having a hard time letting go.

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