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    Middle Name Help for Baby Grace

    Hi everyone, I love reading the forums here but have never posted. I need your opinions on the name we're considering for our baby girl due in October. We're naming her Grace after her great-grandmother. We're considering using Ellen as her middle name. It is my middle name and also was my late aunt's middle name. However, my SIL, who I'm not super close with and don't get along great with, is named Ella. Do you think Ellen/Ella are too close? I'd rather DD's name not be associated with SIL and people not assume she's named after her. Any and all opinions are welcome and appreciated - thank you!!

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    Our oldest is named Grace and I think it is such a lovely name. And Grace Ellen is just beautiful. I don't think it is too close to Ella, but I can understand your hesitance. We were going to name our daughter Grace Marie (after my husband's grandmother, Patricia Marie), but since I wasn't a fan of Marie as a middle name, we decided to use Grace Patricia, instead. What about using your late Aunt's first name or your first name for a middle name? Or perhaps a variation of Ellen that is a little further away from Ella:

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    I love the name Grace. It is such an elegant name for every age. The only I don't like about it is how popular it has become. While I rarely hear most top 10 names, like Sophia and Isabella, Grace is a name I hear all the time. This could be because I am living in the south currently and the religious association appeals to more people.

    Grace Ellen is very nice. I like that you are pairing Grace with an underused classic. Ellen and Ella certainly are similar, but they are definitely different names. I hope you wont avoid using a name meaningful name because it is similar to your SIL's name.

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    I like Ellen! It would be my top name for a girl if I didn't have a cousin with this name. I would use it, since it is a meaningful name.
    I like Grace Ellen as a combo. I have to say I would not use Ellen as a first name since they're too close. I definitely like meaningful middle names. I have my mother's first name as my middle maybe you can do the same.
    I think Grace Ellen is lovely and I say go for it! (If you love it)
    Good Luck!

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    Grace Ellen is stunning! I even like it as a double name. I don't think Ella and Ellen are similar. They have totally different feels to them.

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