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    Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I know - Mason got so popular - it was middle of the pack when we picked it, and then it shot up in popularity (haha all because of us). I don't want to date the sibset by pairing it with another super popular name of the time, which is why I think I want to avoid Ava, but I also feel like Ava has a very classic feel to it, no?

    I think I like Claire as well, but have trouble picking a middle to go with it. Any suggestions?

    In talking with hubby, he has some silly feeling that names aren't supposed to start with a Z. Don't understand the logic, but that might mean that Zoe/Zoey is out.

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    I love Mason and Lauren! I know like 5 Lauren's and none of them EVER get called Laurie. Don't worry about her being called Laurie, unless she tells people to call her Laurie, no one will. Lauren Claire, Lauren Eliza, Lauren Evangeline are some middle name suggestions.
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    When reading your post, Claire and Chloe both came to mind! Ava is waaaaaay too popular now. Lauren is probably my favorite on your list. So sweet and feminine. Here are some middle name ideas for Claire:

    Claire Elizabeth
    Claire Evangeline
    Claire Genevieve
    Claire Margaret
    Claire Vivian
    Claire Amelia
    Claire Marie
    Claire Josephine
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    What do you think of the name Zara as a sibset with Mason, and what about the name in general?



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    Claire is my favorite from your list.
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