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    Quote Originally Posted by jennwu View Post
    Please help us pick from our Top 5 list, for our girl on the way. We have a son named Mason Daniel, and would like something that goes with that!

    Also need middle names, so open to suggestions!

    In no particular order, here is our top 5 list:

    Ava (wish it wasn't so popular!)
    Lauren (another note, like Lauren but don't like nickname Laurie, do you think we'll be able to avoid it?)

    Thanks for your help!
    Firstly congratulations!

    Ava - this is a lovely choice despite her popularity she is very pretty yet I do think Ava & Mason feels incredibly trendy and could potentially date the sibling set.

    Claire - I love Claire she's simple and dynamic. A pretty classic choice. I think Claire works really well with Mason. Mason & Claire sound very wholesome together.

    Chloe - I honestly really dislike the name Chloe I think she sounds bland and just a bit ugh, if that makes sense. I think Chloe & Mason create the name kind of issues as Ava & Mason too trendy and potentially could date.

    Lauren - Great choice, as the same feel as Mason. Despite this I don't know whether Lauren sounds too harsh with the 'en' ending teamed with Mason. Have you thought of Laura? Laura and Mason work well together!! Concerning the Laurie thing I don't think you have much too worry about. I know so many Lauren's who are just Lauren and have never had their name shortened. I live in the UK where nicknames are so in and the hottest names around are nickname choices like Charlie and Millie. I know hundreds of Charlie's and Millie's not a single Camilla or Charles.

    Zoe - I like Zoe she's really grown on me and I think Zoe could work as a refreshing choice with Mason. I like Mason & Zoe together but then in retrospect maybe Zoe feels too light for Mason which has a harsher sound...

    My favourite is Claire. Mason & Claire.

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    I like Zoe best.
    For middles how about
    Zoe Hannah
    Zoe Dinah
    Zoe Ruth
    Zoe Sarah
    Zoe Anna
    Zoe Claire

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    *Ava- I agree with you, your child might be in the same grade as a lot of other Ava's!
    *Claire- Claire is also quite common, but it is just beautiful. I like it better than Ava
    *Chloe- I don't know why, but I've always had a soft spot for Chloe. I think it's so classy. When I hear that name, I picture Audrey Hepburn in Paris
    *Lauren- I don't know any Laurens who go by Laurie, and I've never really thought of that nickname for a Lauren. However, I think it's very dated. I don't like it. It's sort of the same as Jennifer and Ashley. Though they are nice names, they were way too common a while back and now they feel a bit stale to me. But it's up to you!
    *Zoe- I really like Zoe! It's such a cute, kooky name. It reminds me of Zooey Deschanel types. You know, just goofy in the best way and whimsical

    Hope I helped! And good luck!

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    I think Claire is my favorite, but I also like Chloe and Zoe. Ava is nice, too. The only one I really don't care for with Mason is Lauren, since they have similar endings.

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    Mason and Ava or Zoe
    They are well matched, and all pretty popular. I like Mason and Zoe best.
    btw I don't think too many Laurens get the nickname Laurie.
    I know a Laurie and she is just Laurie, not a Lauren.
    The other Lori I know is a Lorraine.

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