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    I like Mason & Claire best.

    I have a cousin named Lauren as well as a few friends, and she nor they were ever called 'Laurie' as a nn, at least as far as I know! You might hear "Laur" as a short cut from time to time, but Laurie seems far less likely to me.

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    1. Ava. I also love this name but hate the popularity. However, I think Mason and Ava are pretty evenly matched for popularity.
    2. Lauren - I adore this! Lauren and Mason sound adorable together. In addition, I have never met a Lauren, Laurel, Laura, etc. that has ever been called Laurie.
    3. Claire - I adore Claire, but I don't like how it sounds next to Mason. It's good but you can do better!
    4. Zoe - It's ok, but I've never found the name Zoe that appealing. Mason and Zoe would be pretty evenly matched stylistically though
    4. Chloe - I don't pay attention to the Kardashians, but that is the first thing I thought about.

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    Ava (wish it wasn't so popular!) - I don't understand why Ava (#5) is "too popular" while Chloe (#11,) Zoe (#30, plus Zoey at #20 and Zoie at #571,) and Lauren (in the top 100 for 34 years) aren't. If you want an uncommon name, it's not on this list. That said, I think it's a beautiful name, and it goes fine with Mason even with the repeating vowel sounds.
    Claire- I like this name. It's straightforward and classic- you really can't go wrong.
    Chloe- Personally I prefer Zoe, but not for any particular reason.
    Lauren (another note, like Lauren but don't like nickname Laurie, do you think we'll be able to avoid it?)- I think it's a bit dated, but a fine name. I've never known a Lauren who was called Laurie.
    Zoe- I like this name a lot, but not as much as Claire or Ava.

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    Ava - I prefer Eva, but Mason and Ava do work well together. They're pretty similar in popularity, which is why.
    Claire - I find this 80s dated and just not very pretty.
    Chloe - Seconded (or whatevered) the Kardashian link. I don't even follow them but they're too popular culture at the minute.
    Lauren - This was very popular in my area in the 90s, I know loads who are mid-teens now, but it's still a nice enough name. I've not known one get called Laurie, so I think you'd be ok on that one. The only one I know who goes by a nickname is a Lola, the rest are all Lauren. Occasionally heard Laur or Lauz, but that's playground slang that's never used formally.
    Zoe - I like this too, I think it's a very pretty name.

    I think Mason and Zoe would be my favourite, followed by Mason and Lauren.

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    Claire and Zoe are my favorites.

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