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    Ever had name regret?

    I think regretting a name choice may just be about getting over what people think of it. We just found out we're having a boy (last week) and we took the plunge and decided on the name we love--Job Marcellus. Job because we so admire the faithfulness of the man Job in the Bible, and Marcellus after a loved one who has passed away (his name was Marcel, but we like the "young warrior" meaning and sound of Marcellus).

    So, we LOVE this name. We're calling him Joby and our 1.5 yr old says it adorably. BUT... I'm glad I'm telling people now, because the radio silence or the "Oh!" (and nothing else) after announcing his name has been almost tangible. But honestly---would we be way happier naming him Jacob and getting a big smile and content response from our audience? No offense to any Jacobs! I love the name Jacob--but my point is, just because it's more common, popular, and not connected to a story people often misinterpret, it becomes a safe zone for the parent.

    I agree with someone I'd read on a thread a month or so ago who pointed out that naming kids is often a very selfish act as parents do it for themselves. Even naming your child a common name could be selfishly motivated IF the parent just did it to avoid backlash.

    But every time I hear a more "unusual" name (that's strong, has meaning behind it, or is lovely)--I pause and think how awesome it is! Today at the pool I heard a little Selah (say-lah) being called, and since that was our top runner for a girl, I asked the mom about it. She spelled it the same as I was going to (above) and said she hadn't heard many, either. I just LOVED hearing it called out to this little girl at the pool. Made me even more sure about going forward with our Joby.

    If you love a name, I think pushing past what ppl might/might not think about it is key. Your kid is likely to love the name, too, if they hear the story behind it and/or see how amazing you think their name is (like you think they are).

    Our oldest daughter's name is unusual, too, but people always love it (once they finally get it). And I have a feeling she will, too, because there is a story behind it (and it's lovely, too).

    I'm bemused by people's reactions but still in love with our boy's name. Ever had name regret yourself? Or name self-doubt?
    Our sweet kiddos include:

    Amaré Elyse
    We pronounce her name Am-uh-RAY, as you would say, "I am a ray of sunshine."

    Job Marcellus
    We call him Joby.

    Sélah Carys
    Due April 2016.

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