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  • Matilda Eve

    17 23.94%
  • Florence Claire

    7 9.86%
  • Hazel Josephine

    22 30.99%
  • Violet Ada

    7 9.86%
  • Imogen Faye

    18 25.35%
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    Thoughts on my top five girls' names?

    Please give honest opinions on my top five girls' name also can you vote for which you like the best.

    Matilda Eve - 'Tilly or Mattie' (Battle-mighty and Life)
    Florence Claire - 'Flo or Wren' (Flourishing, prosperous and Bright, clear)
    Hazel Josephine - 'Zel or Haze' (The Hazelnut tree and Jehovah increases)
    Violet Ada - 'Lettie or Vio' (Purple and Noble, nobility)
    Imogen Faye - 'Immy or Gen' Not sure about Faye, I had Holly in before but I just felt that I had too much nature names so changed it. Tell me whether you like Holly or Faye better in the middle name spot for Imogen. (Beloved child and Fairy)

    Also do you think they would make a good sib-set? I'm not sure about Hazel and Violet as sister as they are both nature names.
    Meanings are in brackets.

    Thanks in advance.
    (Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes I'm a terrible proof reader)
    *Just realised I put favourites instead of favourite on the poll. I'm so silly!
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    I like Violet and Matilda best. I don't like Ada with Violet. Matilda Eve flows best.

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    My favorite fn from your list is definitely Violet! But with combinations, I ended up voting for Imogen Faye-it's a great name!. I definitely think Faye goes better with Imogen than Holly, and I love the fairy meaning. And I think all your names would pretty much be a perfect sibset! I don't think it matters that Hazel and Violet are both nature names, as they both fit the "old-fashioned" but spunky theme. I have to say I LOVE your nicknames as well! My next two fav first names are Florence nn Wren and Matilda nn Tilly. The only one I don't care for is Hazel nn Haze (makes me think of hazing).
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    I would rank your top 5 as:

    1. Matilda Eve - This names flows very well and is pretty!
    2. Imogen Faye - While Imogen isn't my style this combo is very beautiful and works wonderfully!
    3. Hazel Josephine - Pretty
    4. Florence Claire
    5. Violet Ada - I put this one last b/c while Violet is one of my favorite names I don't like it with Ada

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    Thank you everyone! I don't get wants wrong with Violet and Ada together?

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