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Thread: Alaska?

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    I like Alaska, however, Jude to me is a boy's name. I would say June as an alternative, however, the capitol of Alaska is Juneau, and to me, that's a bit much lol. If you really wanted to go with something similar to Jude, I would go with Alaska Jade. However, I would personally pair Alaska with a more classic girl's name, just to ground it a little more.

    I love the suggestion of Alaska Jessamine! So pretty!
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    I don't like it at all, especially with the middle name Jude. People would automatically assume she was a he, regardless of the clothing she wore. Since Alaska is such a unique word to be used as a name, the middle name should be something gender specific, so people will help understand that your child is a girl.

    If looking to name your child after your favorite vacation spot, I'd look for something a bit more personable.

    That said, I do like the suggestion of Alaska Jessamine more than Alaska Jude/Jane/June. Alaska June is too similar to Juneau, Alaska.
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    Alaska Jude is too masculine for my taste. If you're going to go with Alaska, you'd need to go with one of the more feminine "J" names that have been suggested.

    That being said, I'm really not into place names that don't have some really deep family associations or significance.

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    When I first saw your post, honestly, I immediately thought of this: "I'll-Ask-ya" (a question, etc.). Just something to keep in mind when it comes to teasing & school--besides the fact that it would be a pretty 'out-there' name to begin with. I think the idea of it is pretty, though.

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    Hate the combo of Alaska Jude but love Alaska Jane.
    I love the name Alaska, and it's pretty versatile IMO.
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