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    Exclamation VITEX???? ( natural version of clomid)

    Hey ladies!

    I mainly stick to the name forums but occasionally post here in the MOMS group... anyways..

    I have a question about Vitex...

    I took clomid to get pregnant with my son... we were lucky and it only took 1 round.... this time around we have not been so lucky
    Over the last year I have taken 5 rounds of clomid ( not all in a row) I ovulated the first and second time @50mg and then I did NOT ovulate the 3rd or 4th @50mg so I was bumped up to 100mg and ovulated.

    We moved 3 months ago and haven't found a new doctor yet. I know that any new doctor will request ALL the lab work again in order to give me the clomid prescription..and it is going to take a while since we live in a small town and have to go into the city to get it all done and we can only go on weekends!!!

    SOOOOOOO..... I have started to take vitex which is considered by many to be the natural alternative to clomid... My question is ( sorry for the post being long!) have any of you used Vitex? If so was it successfull in regulating your period and or ovulation? Did you get pregnant?

    I will go to my doctor and get all the testing etc. re-done but my son is 2.5 and we have NEVER used any type of BC since he was born... we have had 5 rounds of clomid and all I want is to be pregnant again! I feel like I need to do something in the meantime until i can get clomid again! I hope someone has had success with it!

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    I have no experience with Vitex, but is there. Way your previous doctor's notes could be forwarded to your new doctor (when you get one) so you don't need to have all the testing again?
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    Hi Backtomyroots. Sorry you're having to wait to get things going with a new doc. Frustrating.
    I have taken vitex for quite some time, and I did get pregnant while on it, though that wasn't the intention. I have a (benign) tumor-induced hormonal imbalance - I produce a lot of prolactin, making it tricky for my body to ovulate. I was completely ammenhoreic for a while back then, and the vitex did (apparently) help to regulate my periods. At that time, I was also using natural progesterone cream, stopping during the week of menstruation. I was also seeing an acupuncturist every few weeks, doing martial arts, and eating very well. Not sure which of these things was the magic bullet.

    I recently restarted the vitex after some months away from it, and menstruated for the first time in several months. Coincidence? Perhaps.
    The herbalist I have gone to says that vitex is a prolactin-supressor, and a pretty safe/mild one. But if you're hoping to go in and get your hormone levels tested in order to obtain a prescription for Clomid, vitex *might* bring about enough hormonal change to skew the numbers. That would be my only concern. I feel ok about experimenting with alternative medicine myself, but I only know my own experience of it, so I can't just randomly recommend this herb to you. If you are not under time-pressure with TTC, and you're inclined to look into holistic alternatives, it's probably a good idea to seek out a trained professional in your area who can make recommendations based on your particular constitution. Perhaps Sleepysessha, who's studying herbal medicine, would have some useful insight in the meantime. Good luck!

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    @Jazz1509... I wish I could just get the papers forwarded but the last time I had testing done was before my son was born and I was not in the country at the time. The only reason my last doctor (here in Canada) allowed me to NOT get them re-done was because he spoke spanish and could read the last test results.

    @emmabobamma.... on my own (without medication of some sort) only menstrate once or twice a year.... I had a large ovarian cyst removed when I was 21 but it did not fix anything... I have had ultrasounds, bloodtests etc. and there doesnt seems to be anything "wrong" . The only thing I was told was I had "anovualtion" and "Ammehoria" with no given reason!! So I am not worried that a blood test would come back normal if it wasnt etc. I think I will take it and just see what happens... I will tell my doctor ( when I get one) that I am taking vitex. If it doesnt work then I will go to the doctor in august or september... I (NOW) eat very very healthy... no processed food at all.. not even bread! And mostly organic with tons of fruit and veg...and exercise regularly.. I recently lost 15lbs and am working on loosing a bit more as I am still about 10-15lbs overweight... ( although I am the same weight as I was when I got pregnant with my son) anyways Im glad it seems to have worked for you!!! It gives me a bit of hope!!!

    Anyone else have some experience with it???
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    Kind of....I took vitex to see if it would regulate/shorten up my cycle (which were between 35-50 days). I didn't really find out if it worked because I got pregnant that first cycle taking it (first month TTC so really no way to know if it did anything whatsoever or if I would have conceived easily regardless).

    A friend recommended it to me to regulate my cycle, it had helped her start having regular periods instead of a couple a year.

    Hope you get the info you need and that it helps you!
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    Yes, I have taken it. Unfortunately, no, I did not get pregnant.
    The stuff I took was a tincture and tasted terrible!
    Clomid didn't work for me either.

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    I took Vitex for about 3 months before I conceived Rowan. I had just gotten off BC and my periods were totally out of whack, I would go 3-4 months with no period, and then have a super heavy one that lasted 12+ days. When I started the Vitex, I hadn't had a period in months and within 2 weeks I had a normal period. And I continued to have a normal period until I got pregnant, and still have a pretty regular cycle. I don't know if I got pregnant *because* of the Vitex or just because we weren't preventing it. Either way, I highly recommend giving it a try if your cycles are irregular and you're TTC. I don't have any experience with Clomid, but something tells me Vitex is way less costly and easier to get. It's worth a shot.
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    I know it sounds like a silly infomercial, but it's true: I go pregnant my first cycle taking Vitex.

    It could have been coincidence, of course. But here's the facts: we stopped NFP-to-avoid-pregn in Sept '12 and were in the NTNP mode for 2 months. In Nov '12 after having a confusing cycle and possibly even a chemical prgncy, I started tracking my cycle again to 'try'. After a few more months of nothing, and more closely examining my cycle and talking with my mom and sisters about their cycles and fertility, I started to get concerned that perhaps my progesterone is low (tendency in my family with a mom with a history of cysts and a sister diagnosed with PCOS, plus various details observable in my own cycles). So starting some Vitex and B6 seemed the simplest, least invasive/lack of side effects way to try to modify that potential issue. I started b6 middle of Feb '13 and Vitex at the beginning of March '13. And we got pregnant in March.

    Again, this could all be a coincidence...7 months to conceive is within the normal realm of fertility, and perhaps my low progesterone concerns were just ttc paranoia. However, I will say that I kept taking Vitex thruout the first trim. and will try it again in the future if my cycles are weird.

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    I think natural is the way to go. Does anyone know if the ebook at teaches about soy as one of their secret methods?

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    I've had sort of the same experience - I have PCOS and don't ovulate on my own, and have extremely irregular cycles without intervention (2 or so a year). I did vitex in the past with little success, but I also wasn't taking it consistently and was coming off of BC and everything was extra wonky. Since then, I've done cycles at 50mg and 100mg of Clomid, and ovulated on both, but late - between CD 22-25. I had rough side effects from the Clomid, so I took a break from it and have been doing vitex, acupuncture, and yoga for the past few cycles. On the plus side, I've been ovulating on it, on the negative side, it's still later than I would like (CD 21/22). Still, I believe that it works since I am ovulating on it and I normally don't on med-free cycles. For people with fewer ovulation challenges than me, I really do think it's a good thing to try. I am going to stop it though and switch to 150mg Clomid next cycle in hopes of moving ovulation up. Fingers crossed it works for you!
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