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    Unhappy For others considering "Casper"

    Casper was among our top boy names; the fear of the friendly ghost being known to the current generations of little ones was something I thought of and felt wouldn't be an issue until I saw this:
    Now a friendly ghost isn't a horrible association - I Just thought I would pass the info on that Casper may be returning for other expectant mothers tossing this name around. It may or may not affect your decision.

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    I love the name. I loved the Casper movie when I was little! I also associate it with Kids and Casper was not a good character. Negative associations can really kill a name for me. The Kids thing moved it out of Felix/Sylvester cartoon territory for me!

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    I love Caspar! And meh, the association doesn't affect me at all. Casper the Ghost was a non-issue before, I still don't see the problem. How big are Netflix shows, anyway? They don't seem to get nearly as much attention as regular shows get. No matter how friendly and potentially harmless Casper (the ghost) is, as a Christian (apparently, a very strict type of Christian, haha), I can't get behind a ghost show of any kind, and my children wouldn't be watching it, anyway. Plus, I'd emphasize the connection to the Magi, and with their aunt's very Christmasy name, as well. It's lovely of you to post the link, though--I think a lot of Berries who love Casper would appreciate the information.
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    I've never understood why the ghost is such an issue. Casper was adorable and not a negative association at all, and I would still use the name if I loved it.

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    Eh, lots of cartoon characters have names that are used for kids. I personally don't think it's a bad association; after all he is friendly ;-)

    Casper/Caspar is still in the running for me. I sincerely hope others are turned off by the association though as I'm worried the name is gaining speed! Thanks for sharing the info!

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