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    I live in the UK, where I live Matilda is used frequently and the only nickname used for the various of Matilda's I know is Tilly or Tilda. Mattie is never used as this nickname is associated with Matthew. Thus people do not associate the masculine choice of Mattie with Matilda unless it's thrust upon them. For example the child is introduced as Matilda but people call her Mattie. Otherwise all the Matilda's I know are Tilly or Tilda. Maybe it's different where your from but where I am that would be the natural nickname choice. Like Evie is the natural nickname for Evangeline and Angie is for Angelica.

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    My mind goes to Tillie first, actually. Tilda?

    Mattie wouldn't pop up for me I think because of Maddie via Madeleine/Madelyn/etc.

    ETA: I think my brain goes to the stressed syllable for nicknames. I say Matilda muh-TILL-duh, so the "til" pops out as the nickname source. This vs. MAD-uh-lin which shortens to Maddie.
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    Funny, I've had this same thought when we were considering Matilda. I love Matilda and anything in the Tillie, Tilda, Tildie vein, but really dislike Mattie. Also don't like that it lumps it into the Madison/Madeline/etc group.

    Glad to hear that many think avoiding Mattie is definitely possible!

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