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    I suggest if you really want to stop people from calling you Sam (or you potential daughter Mattie) don't respond when they call you Sam. Ever. (of course, don't ignore help cries, and that sort of things).
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    Tilly is more intuitive to me than Mattie. I think that as long as the nickname option is there (Tilly in this case), people will use it and won't be as tempted to create their own.
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    I honestly didn't know that Mattie was a nickname for Matilda until I became more interested in the name a few months ago. When you say Matilda to me (or anyone I know), I would assume that she would go by Tilly. Just introduce her as Matilda or Tilly and people should call her that. Besides, you shouldn't not use a name because it may have a nickname you don't like. You can't control that sort of thing - your daughter's friends may all call her Mattie, and she herself may love Mattie when she's older and introduce herself as Mattie anyway. If you like the name enough just use it and when people ask you her name, just say Matilda

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    I know a Matilda and I've only ever heard her called Matilda, Tilda or Tilly. I also think it depends on the child, she may just grow up to be a Mattie and prefer that you just never know!
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    I actually don't Mattie would be the #1 nickname people would go for with Matilda, I really think Tillie or Tilda are more obvious, and things people would probably call her.
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