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    I think Grace Caroline is gorgeous! Hope doesn't fit in the classic category like Grace does. I do think Hope Victoria is pretty, but I prefer Grace.

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    Hope Victoria sounds so lovely together, but out of Hope and Grace I like them both about the same. They are both such pretty names, and I think either would be great for a little girl, and would grow with her well.
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    I prefer Grace over Hope, it rolls more easily off the tongue. I also think that G is a more graceful letter than H, which can be somewhat awkward at the beginning of a name. Grace Caroline is beautiful, as is Grace Victoria.

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    I prefer Grace and particularly the nn Gracie. So lovely.
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    I much prefer Grace (obviously). Even though it is more popular, it has a quality to it that Hope just cannot compare to. Also, my Grace is the only one I know. There isn't even another Grace in her whole preschool, let alone her class. Don't let popularity dissuade you, your daughter will be the only one of that name who matters to you and you may be disappointed not using a name you love, just because some other people love it enough to use it, too.

    Grace Caroline is gorgeous, but I think I like Grace Victoria a bit better.
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