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    Would Aurelie work as a first name?

    I'm talking a real human girl, and not as a middle name either I thought it was really beautiful when I saw it. It's French and pronounced Or-ay-lee. It means "golden". Would it work as a name?
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    Yes! It's lovely. I think the only consideration is the likely hood of having to pronounce/spell it throughout her life, but I am a Stacey and I have to say "with an e at least twice a week" so it doesn't mean a lot!!

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    I think it's a beautiful name. I think that people would find it hard to spell if they only heard it, and hard to pronounce if the had never heard the name before. I don't know it that bothers you or not, but it's something to keep in mind.
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    Certainly, as I know two under five. They both pronounce it aw-RAIL-ee, as opposed to the "oh" sound you suggest.

    It's gained in popularity thanks to the sweet Portuguese character in Love Actually, so it will be familiar to anyone who's seen the movie (which is a majority of the people I know, at least).

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    Really pretty name - lovely.

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