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    Baby girl is 12 weeks away and dithering

    Hi Berries.

    We're expecting a baby girl in less than 12 weeks...I thought knowing the gender would make choosing a name easier. It's not! LOL.
    Just wondered your thoughts or suggestions on our list...Its kind of varied...We already have a little boy, Miles Edward, who we call Milo mostly.
    I love meanings too, so any suggestions for names with great meanings would be good too...

    Emmanuelle (Elle or Ella)

    And sort of still on the table, but not as much - the name we had for our son, as we didn't know the gender
    Clementine (Cleo)

    Any thoughts/suggestions most welcome!
    ~Mum to Miles and Ivy~

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    From your list, I really like Ivy and Eve. I also like Juliet but not as much.

    Here are some meaningful girls names that go well with Miles:

    Eden (means delight)
    Esme (love)
    Joy ( meaning is clear but draws from Juliet and Ivy)
    Audra (strong)
    Olive (peace)
    Carys (love)
    Gwendolyn Mae... Meredith Jane. ... Josephine Claire...Catherine Esme... Evelyn Grace ** Arlo Grant ... Drew Thomas ... Eli James ... Owen Vincent... Jay Theodore

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    From your list I like

    -Juliet Eve
    -Juliet Poppy
    -Juliet Clementine

    As for new suggestions

    -Helena (bright shining one)
    -Calista (most beautiful)
    -Phoebe (radiant shining one)
    -Celeste (heavenly)
    -Ramona (wise protector)
    -Adele (noble woman)
    -Estelle (Star)
    -Evelyn (wished for child)
    -Heidi (of noble birth)

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    I like Ivy and Eve from your list. Poppy fits better as a mn, imho. Juliet is... well, tragic...
    Amia (beloved)
    Carina (beloved)
    Mabel (my beautiful one)
    Adalia (noble)
    Adette (noble)
    Valeria (strong)
    Tabitha (gazelle)
    Abigail (father's joy)
    Nadia (hope)
    Orianna (golden)
    Maryam (tuberose)
    Currently exiled from the US

    Emiliana Pari 郑煜曈 '14
    Caspian Kaveh 郑煜祺 EDD: Oct '17

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