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    Help! Tough last name...

    Hi! Hubby and I are currently TTC, and have been mulling around girl's names. We both like Elliot (or possibly a feminized version, like Elliette), but my mom says it's a "boy's name." We are going with Joy for a middle name (after my mom's), but the problem lies in our last name--Ferderer. It's German, and kind of clunky, to be honest! I like Avery, but don't want to add another "er" to her name. I also like Adeline, but I think it sounds like a mouthful with Ferderer. Any other vowel names to recommend? (We seem to gravitate toward "A" and "E" names.) Other, non-vowel names would be appreciated, too! (Possibly two-syllable? I'm a teacher, so I think I'm overly concerned with how the name will sound for roll! Haha)

    Thanks in advance!

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    This is one of those times I would listen to mom. I adore Elliot on a boy and hate that so many people are using this fantastic masculine name on little girls. I think Adeline is gorgeous and goes fine with your last name. Joy is the perfect short middle name. Adeline Joy is beautiful!

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