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    My family does it this way: have a top 2 or 3 names and wait to see the baby before deciding. I'm already 90% sure my next niece's name, because my sister and i talk about names together often, but they won't officially announce it until she's a few hours old.
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

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    I would really like to keep it between my husband, the kids, and myself. However, I am sure Emma would not be able to keep it a secret. I think if she let it slip to one of the grandparents, they would be really hurt to know we had decided and not shared it with them. So, I think my husband and I will be the only ones to know. Except for maybe you berries
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    We told everyone way in advance which names we had picked for Patrick. Nobody gave us negative feedback although my grandfather-in-law wondered why we'd want to name the baby after him but more in a modest way. We announced Mary's name as soon as we knew she was a girl and talked about a boy's name that is now not ever going to be used since I'vr since changed my mind. We did get comments about Mary being so popular in the family but I didn't care. We will continue to share names of any future children if we decide on them ahead of time. However I am not sure we'll know so far in advance next time. We picked out Patrick and Mary before we got married and for both of us they are the only two names we utterly adore.
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    Not sure yet if we will tell...

    partially because I personally like the surprise element of hearing the baby's name after it is born. Partially because I hear that people are less likely to share their opinions after the baby is born! And, partially, because I want to be sure and committed before we announce the name, so as not to get swayed by outside opinions, and I don't know if I can be really sure until the birth? The other thing is that we have to decide in the next couple weeks whether we will find out the gender...coming up on the 20 wk ultrasound!

    So far, we've thrown out a few names for when talking with the family, but more jokes about crazy family names than real possibilities...though we have asked both our parents about family names because we weren't sure about all our greatgrandparents' names. I have shared our current top choices with one close friend who I was pretty sure wouldn't balk at our taste (she didn't ), but otherwise we've kept them pretty quiet...not sure we'll be able to keep that up for 4 more months or not?

    We currently have a top girls name and I have a second favorite girl's name, but not sure if DH is on board with that one. For boys, we have some top choices but haven't truly settled on one between us...I have a personal favorite, but, again, not sure if DH is totally on board yet.

    I'm leaning towards finding out gender just to know if we can stop thinking about boys or girls names! Because the girl name is much more settled, making me feel like we are having a girl, and if we don't find out, I'm might be surprised/unsettled/unprepared somehow if it turns out to be a boy...! Is that silly? I don't have a strong preference for a boy or girl, but just can't stop imagining a girl more than a boy.

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    My mother told my grandma that she was planning on calling me Ceri (Welsh Kerry) and my grandma pretty much shot her down. Mum listened and my dad picked my name in the end. I could have been Ceri Rose!

    If I have kids I'll probably tell my mum the name before he/she is born. My mum is completely trust worthy and I know she wouldn't tell anyone else. She also already knows all of my favourite names and she knows our styles are completely different; she's well aware that she wouldn't be able to change my mind, not that she'd try to.

    Beyond mum, I might tell my four best friends.

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