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Thread: Twins!

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    I love Ivy, Violet, Lucie, and Oliver!

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    Ivy Claire and Oliver Cole are my favorites from each of your lists. I only noticed the similarities between the two names (both firsts have 'v' and middles start with 'c') after I picked them out. I don't think it's over the top matchy, but I wasn't sure if that's something you were hoping to avoid.
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    Georgia Liv and Dexter Wesley are fantastic, love them!! Also like Violet, Lucie, and Ivy from your girls list, and Huck, Oliver, Tucker, and Abel from your boys list.
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    1 Ivy Claire & Dexter Grey - I don't think Dexter Wesley flows very well with the similar x/s letters.
    2 Georgia Liv & Oliver Jack - I don't like the shared "ol" in the Oliver Cole combo.
    3 Lucie Violet & Dexter Grey - I don't like the repetive "oo" sound in the Lucie Rue combo.
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