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    When you say Europe.. that's a lot of countries and some names don't work well in some countries. I'm Scandinavian, so will give from that perspective (obviously a personal one)

    Alcyone - Expect a lot of people asking for pronunciation, unless you go to Greece
    Andromeda - In my native tongue this is pronounced as An-dro-MEE-dah, so a bit diffreent from the English one. I'm not a fan tbh
    Antigone - Expect the same as the first
    Araminta - This is a nice name, it works outside English speaking countries - but expect some mispron.
    Beatrice/Beatrix nn Bea - this is a pretty universal name. In many Euro countries Bea is pronounce Bee-ah. I like it!
    Benedetta - I'm not a fan, at all.
    Cecily - Again, pretty universal, easy to pronounce - but cecilia would probably be the easiest to bear in Europe.
    Charlotte nn Lottie - Universal, known in pretty much all countries.
    Clementine - Its a citrus fruit. I know its a name, but all I think of is fruit
    Cordelia nn Cora - It works, but keep in mind you cant always choose your nicknames and Cora is not what I would call a Cordelia if I shortened their name. Cor or Delia would probably spring to my mind
    Cosima - It works, but I'm not a fan
    Elizabeth nn Effy - Again, universal name - but the nn thing goes again.
    Esther nn Essie - Same as Elizabeth.
    Florence - Its one of those that work in some countries, not in others
    Freya - Works in most countries. This is my name and although a lot of English ppl ask for the spelling, most people get it right first time no matter where they are from
    Guinevere - Doesn't work well in most non french/English countries per my experience
    Gwenllian - Doesn't work well outside Wales/Britain
    Harriet nn Hattie - It doesnt sound very appealing in my native tongue, I gotta admit.
    Heloise - Same as Guinevere
    Hermione nn Hera? - Again, the nn thing.. its smthg u cant control well. Thx to Harry Potter most people know how to pronounce it by now, but not everyone will.
    Hester - Im sorry, it sounds like a boys name in my ears
    Ida - Works well in most Northern Euro countries. Not sure in East or South
    Imogen - Doesn't work well outside English speaking countries
    Isla - You'll have to expect a lot of people calling you ees-LA as not many know its "eye-la"
    Ivy - This will be pronounced as Evie by many non-English people I expect
    Lettice nn Lettie - Not sure about this one
    Lilith - Again, on the fence.. does it work? I'm not sure! Lily most certainly would and would draw many compliments
    Louisa - Universal and would work
    Lula/Lola - most likely a nickname for a longer name. I don't know what other fuller name would work other than Tallulah however. - Lola can stand along and would work
    Luna - Would work very well
    Maeve - Wouldn't work well
    Matilda - Would work very well
    Medea - In Greece, sure, outside - not so sure
    Merida - With the new Disney movie, Brave, you'd probably be OK with this one
    Minerva - THis one works too, but may have slight variations in pron.
    Morrigan - Sounds like a boys name and the "giving girls boys names" doesn't seem to be a big trend in Europe
    Myrrine - I just really don't like this one
    Ottilie - I can't pronounce it, I have to admit!
    Persephone nn Effy - This works, but again - nns arent always chosen by ourselves and there will be slight variations in pron.
    Rosalind nn Rose? - Will work very well. You will encounter people saying it Rosalin though. (Rose-a-lin) as most Euros don't know its NOT said that way unless they are very experienced with Shakespear
    Sybilla nn Billie or Sybil - Billie could work, Sybil and Sybilla may cause SOME problems

    Agian it really depends on WHICH euro country you are going to. Some work, some don't. I'd keep it short, simple..Like Rose, Rosa, Lily, Luna.

    And as far as I know, nicknames aren't that big outside English speaking countries. Most people I know or have met while travelling in Europe did not shorten their names unless it was stupidly long. The Charlotte's and Jennifer's I know aren't called Charl, Lottie or Jen. I can't comment generally, but its not my experience that people use nicknames much unless its family! Its worth keeping in mind.

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    I agree with Ottilie that you should probably stick to the more down-to-Earth names when renaming yourself, at least in the first spot. Out of all your choices, I like Elizabeth the best. There's nothing unusual about a 17-year-old named Elizabeth, it goes well with Eden if you plan to keep it, and there are tons of other nicknames to choose from if you one day decide Effy isn't really you. If you like Lula/Lola as a nickname, then Louisa and Charlotte would make good formal names and also wouldn't sound out of place on a teenager. They also sound nice with Eden.
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    Thanks for all the feedback!

    @sansa_nanami: I like the idea of Lovisa nn Lola and Eulalia and Elula nn Lula.

    @ottilie: I do agree with what you're saying Ottilie and have thought about keeping Ebony in the middle. The problem with finding something in the same style/with the same feel as Ebony is that I absolutely hate my name and here in Australia it's a little bit trashy. I do like the names you have re-suggested and agree that some of the names on my list would be weird to give myself. I guess I just want to get as far away from Ebony as I can.

    @tiggerian: Thank you for your perspective! That was very helpful. I probably won't use a nickname, ones mentioned are just my favourite for that name.
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