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    Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives is played by John Aniston, Jennifer's dad

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Perhaps he was feeling especially maudlin/festive due to the holiday, but my husband actually spontaneously had an adult conversation with me about names for our impending bladette. We didn't make it all the way through the list of 20 or so names-- I can only ask so much-- but here are the ones that meet with mutual agreement, many of which were his actual suggestions:


    The ones he strongly vetoed, with reasoning if there was any:

    Helene ("sounds old and white." When pointed out that this is the quintessential Greek name, he did not relent)
    Eanswythe (death stare)
    Eirene, Irene, Irina, or any variant thereof ("you're a girl, would you like to be named Irene?")
    Myriam ("the Y is just weird, and Miriam isn't Christian enough")
    Nerissa ("I'm pretty sure this isn't really a name")
    Endellion (laughter)
    Sylvia (we have a friend by the name, he thinks it would appear in honor of her)
    Rosamond ("Mound! You would put MOUND in your daughter's name?!"

    The ones I really like but we didn't make it to:

    Everild/Averill [pessimistic]
    Sunniva (pessimistic)

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
    My thoughts on the names that he approved off:
    Aquila - I really dislike this name, I think Aquila sounds harsh and a little off beat.

    Cassiane - Feels like a dodgy over-the-top smoosh of Cassie and Anne. Even thought it clearly isn't (Cassiane is a Ancient Greek name) I still dislike it and view it that way. I'm sorry for being uneducated.

    Chrysanthe - I can see the appeal in this choice but for me I dislike it. Chrysanthe feels like a mouthful.

    Mariam - A strong classic name. I like the soft appeal of this choice. Mariam is a lovely name.

    Noor - A pretty middle name with something incredibly feminine like Aurelia.

    Photini - I find this name a little strange and unappealing.

    Panagia - I dislike this choice. I think Panagia feels unattractive. Suggestion Pandora?

    Verity - I love this choice, she's very pretty and has this virtuous feel. Verity is such a lovely choice. I really adore Verity.

    Kyriake - Maybe I'm dull but I really not into 'crazy' names even though have a history too me they seem crazy and I wouldn't want to be called Kyriake so why would I saddle my daughter with such a moniker?!

    Anastasia - I find Anastasia stunning, I love the Russian Royalty associations along with the connotations of the Russian Revolution and the mysteries surrounding Anastasia. She's just so rich and intriguing. I love the range of nicknames and how elegant she appears. I adore Anastasia.

    Philippa - A steady classic, nice choice not my favourite classic but still it's very usable and classy. I also like the Pippa nickname.

    Thalassa - Strange.

    Names you haven't discussed and my thoughts on them...
    Cosima - I love Cosima I think she's interesting and has a really cool European flare.

    Theopane - I dislike this choice, she doesn't have natural flow. Suggestion Theodora?

    Everild - Not my style

    Averill - A lovely elegant choice, I really like Averill the spelling is so pretty.

    Meriel - Not keen. Feels dated.

    Maris - I love Maris she's so elegant and sweet.

    Sunniva - Not my style.

    Sorry for negativity and good luck choosing the perfect name for you guys.

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    @sessh thanks; that's an interesting legend. If I didn't already have a surfeit of hard-K names I would really dig Casilda.

    @cosmonaut thank you and welcome back! Hope Winnie is doing well. Yes, we'd like at least one of the two names to be that of a saint. I think Rosamond in any spelling got the ultimate nix, alas. Mariamne is an elaboration of Mariam and is used in the Middle East, but I think I prefer the trimmer version. I do love Everild (and smoother Averill) and hope he likes it... we shall see. He thought Euphrosyne was too unapproachable and I think he's right, unfortunately. Lastly, baby's surname starts with Na- so I don't want to use a name ending in -na.

    @six seeds I have liked Sophronia for some time, mainly from the poem (Tasso). But I do wonder how the -nia ending would work with surname Na-.

    @joana in Portuguese and other Romance languages Irene sounds beautiful; in the US it's usually pronounced EYE-REEN (both syllables almost equally stressed) and has a dated, country vibe. I wanted to try to be fussy and pronounce it a la francaise (ee-REHN) or use Slavic Irina, but no dice.

    @pardelote and amelieamour-- thank you!

    @niteowl hmmm....

    @tori It's useful to hear opinions on how these names strike people with vastly different preferences, thanks.
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    All the Kiriakis in our family (and there are many, as Yia Yia Kiriaki had four sons who all had daughters) go by Kiki, which I think is quite wearable.

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