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    You're having a wee one, yayyyy!

    My favourite on the approved list is Chrysanthe, but I adore many of your choices! Would Himself prefer Rosamond with a different ending? Rosamund? Rosamonde?

    But I've missed the post with all your requirements, et al. Does it have to be Greek or Greek-sounding? Or you're Greek? I know nothing! Inform me! I remember wayyy back in the day you saying something about names needing to have been worn by a Saint? Did I make that up? Mariamne? Too Jewish?

    Everild is such a gem of a name.

    This comment lacks any order.


    Also, tell Himself Helene is sooo not white sounding at all! But what about Helena? Serena?

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    Euphrosyne reminded me of Sophronia.

    I was concentrating on pre-Christian Greek names for you, but there are so many lovely Byzantine names that get overlooked. I'll keep thinking!
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    Why wouldn't a girl like to be named Irene? (I'm sorry, but I've been falling in love with that name recently...)

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    My favorites are Cassiane, Mariam, and Anastasia.

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    Aquila, Anastasia, Cassiane, Chrysanthe, Mariam, Noor and Verity are all stunning names.
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