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    Cassiane is gorgeous, as is your pronunciation. I am not a huge fan of Cassie as a nn, though. Avoiding a nn is always possible, but may take effort. And that's assuming you do not like Cassie, which you may not have an issue with..?

    I love Chysanthe so very much.

    Too bad Cosima was vetoed, however, cosmic manure made me truly laugh out loud. Definitely, "no way" to Cosima Noor!
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    Aquila is a cheap brand of wine in Australia and NZ that's a little bit infamous for being what college girls drink to get drunk. For that reason, I would avoid the name.

    Cosima and Verity are my picks with Antoine.
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    I love all of your names, of course Excellent choices!

    Adding to what Liana said, one thing leaped out at me: Panagia is the actual honorific given to the Virgin Mary, not the female name honoring the Virgin Mary (which would be Panagiota). Naming your daughter "Panagia" would be akin to naming your daughter "Virgin Mary" or "God". Please don't!

    I love Chrysanthe! What do you think about Marianthe? Are you open to other -anthe names? It's one of my favorite Greek name roots.

    I saw Pelagia somewhere - totally gorgeous! It's actually my alternate middle for my daughter. From a Greek speaking perspective, I like Pelagia better than Thalassa - to me, Pelagia is a name and Thalassa is a noun.

    Anastasia is one of my favorite names ever, but maybe too matchy with Antoine?

    Can I suggest Arete?

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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    I agree a hundred times about the Thalassa/Pelagia debate. I don't like Thalassa much but was really gobsmacked he suggested it (there *were* people named Thalassa, even though it's an everyday word). And I suggested Panagiota but he said no, Panagia. So I'm glad he's wrong. And Photini is a little too cutesy for me.

    @milasmama too bad about Aquila being a cheap wine. It hasn't hit these shores, luckily.

    Cassiane is getting a lot of love, which is exciting.
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    This may be just a personal preference, but I'd immediately eliminate any name that has a strong "An-" sound. For me it's just too matchy with Antoine. So I'd nix Chrysanthe, Panagia, and Anastasia right off the bat even though I think Anastasia is a pretty name... the other two are too out-there for me personally. Sunniva, oh gosh. I know it's pronounced Soon-ee-va or something similar (I'm terrible at writing things out phonetically), but when I look at it all I can think of is "son of a gun/son of a b___". I think most non-name-nerds would think the same.

    I really love Mariam, Noor, Verity, Cosima, and Meriel. Actually, I think Antoine Raphael and Mariam Noor would be a swoon-worthy sibset. Or Cosima Noor! Gorgeous

    The rest are NMS, but I don't think there's any glaring reason NOT to use them if you love them! Good luck convincing the hubby!
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