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    Oh, my faves are ones that he vetoed!
    I love Irene. I love the nicknames for it - Renie and Ree
    I love Nerissa! It is so ethereal.
    Others I like are Verity, Anastasia, Phillipa, Sylvia (prefer Sylvie though), Rosamond is nice, What if you spell it Rosamund? and Maris!
    I noticed that a few of the names on your list have meanings related to the sea. These names are not all Greek, but you might like them:
    Nerida, Nerina, Marina, Morwenna, Morwen, Marisol, Darya, Evadne, Briseis, Andromeda, Pelunia, Nautica? I love the thought of Nautica as a name, it reminds me of Nadia, but I think it is a brand name. Booo!

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