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    So she is without a reasonable doubt a girl then? How exciting!

    I too became a bit sad when I didn't see Cosima on your initial list - I'm so glad it's not out of the running. I'm definitely sad to see such jems as Eirene/Irina, Rosamond, Nerissa, and Helene go, but you have so many other good ones that the grief is certainly muted. Fewer than half were rejected, so I guess one can't get too mad.

    From the approved list, Cassiane is my absolute favorite (although she's still behind Cosima). Noor, Verity, and Anastasia are also smashing. I do love Chrysanthe, but she feels best fit for a middle name to me.

    I really want to love Aquila and Thalassa. I knew a Hispanic Aquila, so the English pronunciation sounds weird to me now; Thalassa has been ruined for me by way of an undergrad bar near UC Berkeley that shares the name. Mariam and Phillipa are lovely, but they don't excite me somehow. I think I need to sit with Photini, Panagia, and Kyriake a bit longer - they're very alluring, but I'm a bit unsure. Panagia would probably the most easily understood in The States.

    I'm counting on another miracle, as I look forward to hearing how the second batch of names stand up to the husband. I like every single one of them quite a bit!
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