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    I love Mariam and Sunniva! Both beautiful choices!
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    My favorites:

    Anastasia (although it seems a bit match-y with Antoine)
    Theophane (although I personally prefer Theophania, but that's probably too frilly for your tastes!)
    Kyriake (Ooh, a Greek name that ends with "e" that I never heard before! I might put this on my own list of future middle possibilities... Is it pronounced Keer-ee-ah-key?)

    Too bad he vetoed Helene, Nerissa, Sylvia, and Rosamond. They were all such lovely choices!
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    Since Antoine is fairly familiar sounding while still retaining that international flair to it (French variation of Anthony I believe) I think something similar would work best for a daughter. Something different but not too out there, if that makes sense. Of your list, the ones I think fit this best are:

    Aquila - I knew a girl named Akela (said pretty much the same) a few years back and I loved her name. The soft 'ila' ending makes it sound familiar but still retains the uniqueness of it
    Cassiane - Many girls' names have some variation of anne/anna/ana in them
    Kyriake - I'm not 100% how to pronounce this but the Ky/kee sound is familiar
    Anastasia - An established name in it's own right but not popular
    Philippa - Ditto
    Thalassa - Has similarities to Thalia and Alyssa

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    Love Anastasia!!! It's my fave on your list by far, and it sounds so nice next to Antoine!!
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    I agree with the pp: Anastasia is lovely next to Antoine! I also like Cosima and Philippa.

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