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    Interesting man. I swear, the way they think sometimes could drive you crazy! I was looking at the list in horror not seeing Cosima on it, and then relieved you simply hadn't brought it up yet. It is still my very favourite for you, I love how it compliments Antoine so perfectly, and the beauty, pronouncabilty and just all the super-spy cosiness.
    From the ones he definitely likes I love Aquila, Mariam, Cassiane, Verity and Noor the most (and Noor best of all!). Chrysanthe is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, it just looks weirder with Ant-One than the others. Not that that's the end of the world, of course. I love Thalassa, but I remember you voicing some strong opinions on this on some of my earlier threads... Anastasia is gorgeous too, I just can't picture a girlie Ant-Two with this name. Philippa seems too common, and the others are interesting, but Photini sounds like a bad entertainer, Kyriake like a creepy seaside bird and Panagia... looks wrong.

    I am crossing my fingers for Cosima (and Theophane, Meriel, Myrrine and Sunniva too!). I might have made this up in my mind, but didn't you say he liked this a while back? I am hopeful, anyway.

    Good luck!!!!
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