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Thread: too many p's?

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    too many p's?

    Hello, I posted before about our new babies name (we are thinking maybe Flora or Olive) but today I am wanting to settle a debate from my previous pregnancy.

    Does the name Piper Poppy have too many P's? DH thought yes so we settled with Piper Pearl instead but I disagreed. What is your opinion?


    PS I should also tell you that we are Australian so imagine this in an Aussie accent
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    Well its very, very cute! Individually they are both gorgeous names, however too many p's, like you were saying.

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    Flora and Olive are both great! Yes, both names sound a bit like tongue twisters with so many p's.
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    Peter piper picked a peck etc

    Too many p's for me (which is a bit rich considering I have a Bridget Beatrice, I know).
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    I would say yes, it has too many p's.

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