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    Oh, my faves are ones that he vetoed!
    I love Irene. I love the nicknames for it - Renie and Ree
    I love Nerissa! It is so ethereal.
    Others I like are Verity, Anastasia, Phillipa, Sylvia (prefer Sylvie though), Rosamond is nice, What if you spell it Rosamund? and Maris!
    I noticed that a few of the names on your list have meanings related to the sea. These names are not all Greek, but you might like them:
    Nerida, Nerina, Marina, Morwenna, Morwen, Marisol, Darya, Evadne, Briseis, Andromeda, Pelunia, Nautica? I love the thought of Nautica as a name, it reminds me of Nadia, but I think it is a brand name. Booo!

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    Sorry, I'm not fond of any of these names except maybe Phillipa nn Pippa. These names totally give visions of a nerdie nerd getting constantly teased. Nothing personal, just IMO.....

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    Maybe I'm missing something with Cassiane. I'm pronouncing it just like "Cassie-Anne," which makes me think of gingham tablecloths and freckled girls in sunflower fields. Not bad images, just untempered sunniness. I imagine a daughter of yours having more mystery, maybe a ninja star in her back pocket... The connection to St Cassian is a nice thing, and the cassia plant. Do you pronounce it "Cass-yahn" or something?
    I think of Cassie as the kind of girl who's so cheerful you want to yank her pigtails. Cass is great though.
    Casilda? I think your husband's fondness for Cassiane bodes well for Cosima.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niteowl13 View Post
    Kyriake is a name? A first name? For women? All I can think of is Victor Kiriakis from Days of our Lives.
    Yes on all accounts. I don't know Victor Kiriakis but the surname is clearly Greek and clearly derived from the name or more likely its masculine variant Kyriakos... perhaps an ancestral Kyriake/os in the tree somewhere. In Greek, "Kyri-" is the root meaning "Lord," as in a reference to Christ. You might have heard the chant "Kyrie Eleison," which came over into Latin and into English intact, meaning "Lord, have mercy." [Kyrie is the vocative case]. Anyway, it means "of the Lord" and is a relatively popular name in Greece.

    Emms, Cassiane is just my favorite spelling of the name usually rendered in English as Kassiani. It's got four syllables and is pronounced cass-ee-AHN-ee. I have a potentially irrational belief that Kassiani skews tryndee to people unfamiliar with it.
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    Cassiane is so so much better with the "AH-nee" in there. Now I see the appeal. Without the pronounced last syllable to keep the rhythm balanced, it's a very different name. Not sure the spelling is intuitive, but who cares. Just cross your fingers that the Kardashians don't snatch up Kassiani, as suggested by the Nameberry blog. I cannot for the life of me understand why a black hip-hop artist would want to give the third member of his family another K initial. Seriously not a good idea.

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