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    Interesting man. I swear, the way they think sometimes could drive you crazy! I was looking at the list in horror not seeing Cosima on it, and then relieved you simply hadn't brought it up yet. It is still my very favourite for you, I love how it compliments Antoine so perfectly, and the beauty, pronouncabilty and just all the super-spy cosiness.
    From the ones he definitely likes I love Aquila, Mariam, Cassiane, Verity and Noor the most (and Noor best of all!). Chrysanthe is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, it just looks weirder with Ant-One than the others. Not that that's the end of the world, of course. I love Thalassa, but I remember you voicing some strong opinions on this on some of my earlier threads... Anastasia is gorgeous too, I just can't picture a girlie Ant-Two with this name. Philippa seems too common, and the others are interesting, but Photini sounds like a bad entertainer, Kyriake like a creepy seaside bird and Panagia... looks wrong.

    I am crossing my fingers for Cosima (and Theophane, Meriel, Myrrine and Sunniva too!). I might have made this up in my mind, but didn't you say he liked this a while back? I am hopeful, anyway.

    Good luck!!!!
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    I can't believe he actually sat down and talked names without just saying "no" like mine does. Granted, I'm not pregnant, but kudos to you! It must have been the cooking (btw... read what you cooked, sounds delicious!)

    I'm going to come out and say it. Can you please use Cassiane? I am in love with this name, but my future hubs thinks I'm crazy, so I'll live vicariously through Ant-two. My obsessions aside, I think it's beautiful, an awesome namesake, and just lovely.

    Cosima-- I like this one too. My next favorite after Cassiane.

    Noor, Anastasia, and Maris- round out my favorites.
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    Noor and Verity are the standouts for me. Actually, the only one I'm not really feeling is Anastasia.
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    My favs would be:
    Chrysanthe- love... great nns in there...
    Mariam- alternate spelling: Maryam (which is also a plant...) ... still trying to get the husband to like this...
    Noor- how regal! Speaking of the Jordanian royal family, what about Rania?
    Anastasia- wonderful name that is familiar, but somewhat rarely used. Great built-in nicknames...
    Philippa- Would love to meet a little girl with this name.
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    My favourites are:

    Cassiane - I've never heard it before, but would translate well in the US. Cute nns "Cassie" or "Annie". I think it's my dark hourse faviourite from your list.
    Mariam - a strong, classic choice
    Noor - gorgeously exotic
    Verity - lovely English name
    Philippa - ditto. Cute nns "P", "Pippa" or "Pip"

    Suggestion: very surprisingly, my husband loves Persephone. It might be a tad too pretentious for you, but I love it as well.

    P.S. clearly you already have experience with this from your first, but my inadvertantly successful naming strategy with my husband was to tell him all the names that I liked which he immediately vetoed because they were not normal enough. I then ramped up the weird and wonderful and bombarded him with out-there names. This freaked him out, and I then returned to my original list which now sounded more "normal" to him, and I think I'm gonna get one of my original faviourites.
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