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    Our latest boy's name list

    Hi everyone! I am so thankful for all your help.

    We have come to some sort of consensus for several boys' names. What do you think? Last name is still Lewi$ of course. Any middle name suggestions for the last 3 would be appreciated. I hope to either find THE name or have a couple with us in case Bump is a boy. Rosemarie Blythe is the girls name we have chosen.

    Roderick William (nn Rory) - The more I hear Roderick the more I like it
    William <something> (nn Wim)
    Fitzwilliam <something> - (nn Fitz) Husband thinks Fitzwilliam Lewi$ is great.
    Malcolm <something> - (nn Mac) We both still really love this name but Malcolm William is just a mouth-jumbler.

    So far I would say Roderick is my favorite and Fitzwilliam is his (and an improvement over his first suggestion of Marius IMO) but are they too out there? William was his father's name. Malcolm is one we both like. My maiden name is Walker - is this usable as a FN or MN?

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