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    Our latest boy's name list

    Hi everyone! I am so thankful for all your help.

    We have come to some sort of consensus for several boys' names. What do you think? Last name is still Lewi$ of course. Any middle name suggestions for the last 3 would be appreciated. I hope to either find THE name or have a couple with us in case Bump is a boy. Rosemarie Blythe is the girls name we have chosen.

    Roderick William (nn Rory) - The more I hear Roderick the more I like it
    William <something> (nn Wim)
    Fitzwilliam <something> - (nn Fitz) Husband thinks Fitzwilliam Lewi$ is great.
    Malcolm <something> - (nn Mac) We both still really love this name but Malcolm William is just a mouth-jumbler.

    So far I would say Roderick is my favorite and Fitzwilliam is his (and an improvement over his first suggestion of Marius IMO) but are they too out there? William was his father's name. Malcolm is one we both like. My maiden name is Walker - is this usable as a FN or MN?

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    My favourite is Malcolm, as it's strong, unique, and versatile. I love the nns Mac and Colm, and could really see this growing up well. William is quite common, as is its diminutive, Liam. Fitzwilliam is too Darcy, and very preppy. Roderick is ok, but I don't tend to like 'Rod' sounds. I actually much prefer Marius (a wonderfully literary name) to Roderick. Malcolm William does not go, though, so I'd switch out the middle name. Malcolm Walker is quite nice, as is Malcolm Roderick. If you'd like to use William, how about using 2 middle names? This would let you break up the -m endings (i.e. Malcolm Roderick William)... Otherwise, William means 'helmet, protection'... what about honouring him by using another name with a similar meaning? For example, Malcolm Ansel (helmeted), Malcolm Kennedy (helmeted), Malcolm Kjell (helmet), Malcolm Wiley, Malcolm Alexander, Malcolm Alistair, Malcolm Edward, Malcolm Eamon, Malcolm Ray, Malcolm Sander, Malcolm Xander...
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    1) Malcolm - (nn Mac) - My favorite. I love this name. Malcolm Walker or Malcolm Fitzwilliam would work since the Fitz breaks things up like a second middle would.

    2) William (nn Wim) - William Roderick Lewis sounds great. I like William Walker Lewis even more but I love alliteration.

    3) Roderick William (nn Rory) - I have to admit I like this. There seems to be too much made of the syllable Rod in my opinion. Rory is darling.

    4) Fitzwilliam - (nn Fitz) - Sorry but this seems a little pretentious to me though Fitz is cute. Middle name only!

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    Roderick William is really nice. I like it a lot.

    What about William Roderick? I think it works.

    I think Malcolm Walker works great.

    Fitzwilliam is a bit much for me. It's not horrific, but it would really depend on your culture. I feel like it might be a bit too ridiculous outside of the upper echelon of society.
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    Thanks to those who responded.

    William Walker - oh, I love this! I hadn't even thought of putting William and Walker together!
    William Roderick - I love this too! And we can use Rory if we want!
    Malcolm Fitzwilliam - Great idea for using William and Malcolm together!

    I had no idea the handful of names we had listed could be moved around into so many wonderful combinations! We will probably take Malcolm Fitzwilliam and William Walker and/or William Roderick with us to see if Bump looks like a Mac, a Wim or a Rory unless one sticks better than the others after a few days.

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