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    Emilia Luna is very pretty! Go for it!
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    Luna is pretty but might be a a hard name for many girls th handle.
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    Luna is absolutely precious. Beautiful, elegant, sweet, kind, giving, knowing, wisdomous, pale, dark, shining, luminous, serene, soothing, powerful, mesmerizing, hypnotizing, soulful, mysterious, disguised, mystic... All nature and goodness, and she's a Goddess.
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    Well, I know 55% of Berries prefer Luna to Stella! Ha ha... I think it's a cute middle name. I think of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter, but it's a nice middle name. Emilia Luna feels a bit heavy on the L sounds, but I like it a bit more than Emilia Mary.
    It works. It's not too cutesy at all.

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