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    What's the general consensus on Luna?

    How do we all feel about it as a first name? I like it the more I say it but I don't know if it has too much teasing potential. I kinda like it as a middle name for Emilia which would be our daughter's name if we had a girl first. I wanted to use Mary as my first daughters middle name becuase it honors a few people, but I like Emilia Luna as well.
    Is it too cutesy? What do you guys think of Luna?
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    Asa name, it always reminds me of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series.
    I also think it's an unusual, rather pretty name, and goes with Emilia well- the L sound makes them fit together nicely.

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    I've always loved it. It is tied to the Harry Potter series, but I actually think that makes it more usable. I don't see much teasing potential, except for Looney. But seriously you just can't worry too much about that. Every name has teasing potential.
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    Luna is our top name choice for a girl, so of course I love it! It's also rising on the charts, I think it's now at 230, but you might want to double check that.

    My cousin's friend even has a baby Luna, which saddened me a bit, since I hadn't heard of one till then, so the name seems to becoming more well known.

    Also I love Harry Potter so it won't bother me if they mention Luna Lovegood, but that might be something you want to think about. It's not like it's a bad connection though.

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    I think of it as a dog's name.

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