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    Need MN suggestions


    So I think I keep coming back to the same names and can't seem to find any different ones that I like ( and the hubby will agree on) so I think my short list for the little girl is as follows:


    So unless there are some other suggestions about first I need to start thinking about middle names. I would like to honor family but nothing seems to flow/feel right with the names above, and Serafina already is an honor name so that one wouldn't need to necessarily. My hubs keeps going back to Ann but that is my middle, his sister's middle and his mom's middle and after having a really common name I want my kids to be more unique but not trendy. He also wants something shorter since those names are long and our last name is three syllables as well, starts with an M.

    Thanks for any help and advice!

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    I love traditions. You've picked out some lovely, more rare first name options, all of which would look beautiful with Ann. I don't think Ann is as common as it used to be, and because of the family connection it's not a filler middle.
    I think Madeleine Ann, Seraphina Ann, and Calliope Ann all sound beautiful.

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