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    middle names for Roslin

    We have no idea what to use.
    Nothing too popular or filler type names. (Ie: Grace, Elizabeth)

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    I used to live in a town called Roslyn haha

    those are some names that come to mind that could be nice middle names for Roslin.
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    My name is Caroline, BeatrixDaisy is just a name I like!

    My favorite names need to be updated LOL

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    For me, any name used in the middle spot is a filler name if it has no meaning for you. So... if I were you, I'd go through my family tree and think of all the places I've lived and see if you can find a name or a variation of a name of an ancestor, street name, city name etc. that you like. Or... you could give us Berries names of favourite ancestors & places and we could make lists based on your family
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    We don't really want to use a family name. Our son is named after my dad an need that caused issue lol.
    More just looking for a not overly common middle name that's not too off the wall.
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    Hmm. What's most important to you? For example, do you want something really feminine or something that flows really well? Do you care about meaning or initials? Are there any names that you really like, but can't use? How many syllables at in your last name?

    For flow, i would say, stay away from two syllable names or anythin that ends in in, en, on or yn.

    Just off the top of my head, I like:

    Roslin Matilda
    Roslin Fiametta
    Roslin Beatrice
    Roslin Susannah
    Roslin Miranda
    Roslin Eulalia

    Roslin Fern
    Roslin pearl
    Roslin June
    Roslin Lark

    Ps I really love your son's name!
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