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    Butterfly Baby Names

    I love butterflies - they always seem a bit like flying flowers - and I was wondering if their names could be used for naming humans! I know of the Julia butterfly, and the Virginia.
    Im curious to see what other names anyone can come up with, including things like translations of 'butterfly', such as Mariposa in Spanish.

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    Parvaneh ( par va nuh) is butterfly in Persian
    Nova is a girl’s name of Native American origin meaning "chases butterfly,"
    Cassius Blue Butterfly. Caparina; a type of butterfly.
    Names that mean butterfly (
    Aponi, Kimama, Kimimela (little butterfly)- N. American
    Eilir- Welsh
    Kallima- English
    Yara (small butterfly)- Arabic
    Butterfly in other languages:
    Lilldeh- Fulani
    Nabi- Korean (my uncle's cat was named this, very cute)
    Paloma- Spanish (ancient & dialectical)

    That's a few I found

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    Vanessa is a type of butterfly.

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    Mazarine, Ulysses - both types of a blue butterfly.

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    Loving Parvaneh and Yara!

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