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    Spelling and opinions

    Casper or Caspar

    Which spelling do you prefer?
    Would you pronounce them the same?
    What is your opinion on the name?

    And just as a note... the Friendly Ghost association does not bother me :-)

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    I love Caspar! The Casper spelling just looks misspelled to me, like Aiden instead of Aidan. I think they both come out sounding the same, but in my head, I say it more like PER vs. PAR, Caspar has a more open (and less trendy!) feel about it. I think of vaulted ceilings in an opera house when I think of Caspar, as opposed to Casper, which I think of like a little mouse's den (like in Tom and Jerry! hahaha). I don't know if that makes sense.

    I do love the name, a lot. My best friend had triplets in 2010, and Caspar was her third choice. She passed away in 2011, so Caspar (and Gaspard) were very meaningful to her, and I've considered them in honor of her, especially since we met because of our shared interest in names. I can't really see me with a Caspar, but I love it as a MN. I can see you with a Caspar, though, and how amazing would Vitalia, Laurel, and Caspar be? I love it!
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    Love the name!
    My preferred spelling would be Caspar

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    @ash... Thank you! I am officially name hunting with a purpose again! Though knowing the gender is far off. I am really loving Caspar (this spelling too) right now and DH is partially on board!

    What an incredibly tragic story about your friend. Triplets one year and then passed away the next? I'm so very sorry to hear that. I think using Caspar or Gaspard in the mn spot to honor her would be really special.

    I think a little Caspar would fit well in my kiddos sib set as well :-) of course, my official hunt has only just begun! Thanks!

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    I think Caspar is a little less "friendly ghost." I like it!
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