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    Royal experts correct me if I'm wrong; Isn't in normal royal decency not to use the same names as other European heirs to the throne? If so Elizabeth, Eleanor and Alexandra are off for a girl (and maybe Victoria too, although this is not the same generation). I'm still hoping they're having a boy to even the young heirs to the various thrones of Europe a bit out (girls first in line in Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain and Belgium).
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    I would love to see a King Arthur...wishful thinking? And if it's a girl, they better have Diana in there somewhere or I'll be really ticked off.

    Traditional Boys Names for First or Middles: Philip (grandfather is currently in the hospital at 92 years old), Arthur, George, Alfred, Albert, Alexander, Charles, Richard, John (kind of a bad luck name but this is Kate's father's name), James, Louis, David, Edward, Edmund

    Traditional Girls Names for First and Middles: Victoria, Mary (these two names are my top picks because no one in the immediate family has them for first names), Elizabeth, Diana, Anne, Adelaide, Alexandra, Caroline, Charlotte (this may be a mn only because Diana's brother has a Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer), Eleanor, Matilda, Helena, Louisa, Alice, Margaret, Catherine, Henrietta, Rose (mn only), Philippa
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    I can see Philip in the name if it's a boy, especially if Prince Philip passes away before the baby is born. I also think Arthur might be part of it, though not as the first name. George Philip Arthur Francis - I don't think they'd go as far as rearranging or reversing Charles' full name, they'd come up with something a bit more different, and Francis would honour Diana by using the masculine version of her middle name, Frances.

    I seem to have remembered reading somewhere the Queen didn't want any grandchildren/great-grandchildren named after her, so Elizabeth as a first name is out if it's a girl. I can see it as a middle though. Victoria would be nice, but it'd be a lot to live up to - I'd see that more likely as a middle too. Maybe Margaret as a middle after the late Princess Margaret? Mary Elizabeth Margaret Victoria maybe? Or Mary Victoria Elizabeth Frances - again, to honour Diana? I don't know if they'd use Diana straight out given the controversy around her still in the Royal Family.

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    My guesses:
    Boy first names: Philip or George
    Boy middle names: whichever one above that is not used and Charles Michael.
    Girl first names: Victoria or Margaret (see her going by Maggie)
    Girl middle names: Elizabeth Diana or Francis (like someone else said). If Margaret is not used, I can see Mary as a middle.

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    I have always felt that George would be the boy's name with Philip, Charles and Michael as middles in some order but Philip as a first may be a possibility. A little Prince George or Prince Philip would be so cute.

    Best guess: George Philip Michael Charles or Philip Michael Charles George

    I think Alexandra or Mary are the best bets for a girl but I would love to see a Princess Victoria. Though Princess Mary (or Princess May) would be adorable. Diana will not be in her name. I expect William, who has used the ring, will save that for Harry's daughter.

    Best guess: Alexandra Frances Caroline Elizabeth or Mary Frances Caroline Elizabeth, personal choice: Victoria Mary Elizabeth Frances

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