View Poll Results: What should I name my darling Portuguese Water Dog puppy?

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  • Geneva/Gineva nn Ginny

    14 35.00%
  • Kirrily nn Kirra

    6 15.00%
  • Jetta nn Jett

    11 27.50%
  • Sage

    7 17.50%
  • None of the above

    2 5.00%
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    My puppy baby's name!

    I posted here before about a name for my girl Portuguese Water Dog puppy that I'm getting soon. I want to decide on a name within the next two days. So here's the poll! What shall I call my much anticipated companion?

    Geneva/Gineva: popped into my head just today. Does it work with the nickname Ginny? Or do I need to spell it with an i? And if so, is it too harry potter associated?

    Kirrily: nn kirra. I really like how cheerful and energetic is sounds.

    Jetta: nn Jett. Jetta is one of my fave girls names. it seems to be a perfect fit - the puppy is all black(jet black), and jets are fast and I plan to do agility with the dog.

    Sage: my mom says s is not a hard enough syllable to be a dog name. I do love sage as a name.

    Other options include Maisie, Calla, and Jolie.
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    I could really use some opinions! My worries right now are:
    Geneva: should I train her with full name or Ginny? And is Geneva too formal for a dog?
    Kirrily: my sister says its weird. And also should I mainly use kirrily or Kirra
    Jetta: maybe it's just me but does this sound awkward if you don't pronounce the t? Bc when I say it it's more like Jedda.
    Sage: too bland?

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    Opinion -

    Of all the names on your list, I really like Geneva. I don't think its too formal for a pet. I know a dog named Albert Edward called Albie. Most people, for some reason, end up using shorter names for a pet.

    Whatever name you choose, you need to train her with the name you are going to use for her most often.

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    They say dogs respond best to harder, one syllable sounds. But that's for commands, not names necessarily.... Still I like Kirrily nn Kirra for that reason (hard K). but my favorite is Jetta nn Jett... since she's all black, and also since she's a water dog you could call her "Jettski"
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    I love the name Sage, especially for a Portuguese water dog. Kirrily is my second favorite, but Kirrily Sage with first and middle would be even better.
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